Here are asbestos removal companies in the state of Kansas. Different companies offer different services, such as encapsulation or full removal and clean up. Some companies only provide large-scale commercial services while others can be contracted for residential jobs.

Jen’s House & Commercial Cleaning, LLC
1410 S Kansas Ave
Topeka, KS 66612-1335

Performance Construction & Consulting Inc.
10940 Parallel Pkwy Ste K236
Kansas City, KS 661094431

Thunder Abatement, LLC
609 S Fir St
Olathe, KS 660614825

Patriot Abatement Services, LLC
PO Box 2226
Olathe, KS 660512226

At Abatement Services, Inc.
2030 Hillview Drive
Manhattan, KS 66502

This list was last updated on January 3rd, 2022