About Us

Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you find the information we’ve provided both practical and useful.

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material and is still common in many buildings around the world today. This website is your one stop guide for all information about asbestos, including how to identify asbestos and the products asbestos was used to make, the health problems asbestos causesasbestos training courses and a directory of asbestos removal companies.

The idea to build this website first came when our founder, lead designer and lead writer encountered some ceiling tiles in the building where he was working at the time which looked to him very similar to some photos of asbestos ceiling tiles he had seen in the past. In addition to asking the building’s safety manager to confirm that the ceiling tiles had been tested and were not made with asbestos (they weren’t), he started to do his own research online about the history and present legal situation of asbestos. He was surprised to discover just how prevalent asbestos is in our environment today and shocked to learn that it is still legal in the US and Canada.

From this research he decided to build a website about asbestos and related topics. Ultimately, we aim for this site to become the largest and most authoritative website about asbestos.