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Lung Diseases and Lung Cancer

Is Home Renovation Increasing the Risk of Asbestos Exposure?

Before asbestos was banned from construction materials in the late 20th century, it had a wide range of uses due to the fact that it was flame and heat-resistant and it was made up of durable fibres. And although there are practical uses for the mineral compound, its toxicity greatly outweighs the benefits as any exposure could lead to serious ailments such as...

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Pleural Thickening – Symptoms & Treatment Options

Pleural thickening is a term given to a non-cancerous lung disease that results from a severe scarring of the pleura. The pleura is a thin membrane that covers the surface of the lungs, and scarring of this tissue causes the pleura to thicken and closes the space between the pleura and the lungs. Pleural thickening usually inhibits a person’s ability to breath, and...

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